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Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the urban transformation project on Istanbul Road. With the tram line going up to the terminal, the new high-rise building will rise from Gençosman to Küçük Geçili Tube Pass in the Istanbul Road, which gives an increase of 2.5 peaks.


Recep Altepe, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the decision was made in order to ensure a real urban transformation in the area of 160 hectares and said, “We are working for the vision of Bursa, especially the main arteries.” The most important entry in Bursa is Istanbul street From Tube Passage to Kent Square, we are starting to work on two areas, right and left, we are working along the street, there is a big change on the way with the rail system operation, the rail system is going to work in series. 9 bridges will be joined by a different vision of beauty.


It will be a different city entrance.It will be finished in the next year.In addition to this, the side roads on the side of the street It will leave the center in a humid measure. Certain pavements will remain. We made the whole arrangement. This arrangement was made on a 160-hectare area 200 meters deep. 2.5 precedents are given to the whole. Our aim is to trigger the transformation there. The beginning of this construction requires the formation of large parcels there. We’re doing these triggering studies.


Pointing out that two separate facilities can be built on the 20-acre site in Beşyol, and that a tourism facility, commercial area, hospital or educational institution can be constructed here, President Altepe said, “After finishing this, we will enter the other parcels while selling this. , It is not enough to make 5 precedents, we buy parcels on the island or say “Give us your competence.” Do not let the municipality suffer just here. The municipality’s spending, it’s a waste of money. We have 20 thousand square meters of space. There will be two separate facilities. We sell him next month. This will trigger other parcels. We are also initiating our movement. Our goal is to change the complex territory at depths of 200-250 while on the one hand performing the environmental regulations on the rail system. The same situation exists in Çelebi Mehmet, Murat Hüdavendigar Boulevard. To move it there. Buildings will also be withdrawn. The road will expand further. These are also important in the city will give you the opportunity to turn. It will appear in a short time.

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