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The destruction and rebuilding of the buildings which did not receive the report “resident” by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, General Directorate of Infrastructure and Urban Transformation Services accelerated around Turkey. This restructuring process, which is practiced in almost all cities, does not only provide the safety of life and property in the natural disasters that may be experienced, but also fulfills a function of giving a more aesthetic architectural appearance to the whole country. Moreover, the fact that the floor owners are victims in this process is also removed with the payment of rent allowance paid by the ministry.


The entrepreneurs who are found to be at risk should apply to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning, which is located within the scope of the Law no. 6306.

The amount of rent assistance payments is reorganized every year by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Moreover, this assistance not only covers property owners, but also residential and business tenants and limited rights holders in buildings that are found to be at risk.

The process of progression is as follows; The person who wants to get rent assistance must first submit the documents to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning, which is completed by completing the documents mentioned in the guide published by the ministry. The applicant ministry officials undertake the payment of the rent allowance for eligible applicants for 18 months after they have already done the necessary examination on the matters detailed in the guidelines.


One of the things to be aware of is that; the beneficiaries have resided in another risky structure since 06.01.2017 and can not get housing allowance for the 2nd place, even if they fulfill the other conditions set out in the 2017 Guide to Rent Aid Practices. Those residing abroad are not covered by rent allowance because they do not fulfill the residence requirement for risky properties within the borders of Turkey.


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