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As a result of the technological developments, a lot of progress has been made in our country. Countless developments in the world have not been indifferent to our country, we have improved ourselves in different fields and progressed in every field. Thanks to the technological developments that have been advancing day by day, we, as citizens, have had great convenience, education, health, social, etc. The internet system has become one of the systems that can be used by everyone. The use of the internet system has increased with the participation of the citizens. Nowadays, everybody has a cell phone, a computer, and so on.


There are tax amounts that every citizen living in our country and having any income should pay. The amount of tax that citizens have to pay is determined by their income. Everyone from citizens who work with military wages to citizens with very high incomes must pay taxes. The amount of tax you need to pay is calculated according to your income level. Thanks to these taxes you pay, the state offers you a better life. The services provided by the state are made with these taxes you pay. You can find out the amount of tax you need to pay by going to the tax offices in the city you live in. After the development of Internet technology, we have come to be able to perform many of our transactions over the internet. You can also make inquiries and payments easily via the internet.


It is possible to make a tax credit inquiry process within a few minutes via the internet. The tax debt inquiry process is one of the many transactions that take place through the official web page of the revenue department that provides online service through internet for tax debt inquiry. It is also the most up-to-date data thanks to the fact that the tax is easily transferred to the current citizen who is present in the organization directly without questioning the debt.

Thanks to the tax debt questioning, citizens can now easily and quickly access the tax debt and other up-to-date debts and debt status information via the internet. A citizen who wishes to make a tax debenture inquiry is first asked for some personal information requested from the ‘debt information service’ option from the tax website of the tax office on the internet.

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