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A title deed indicating the right of the person on the property is renewable for a fee if requested. So, how much is the title renewal fee?


Why Do Title Deed Renewal Procedures?

In addition to being unable to use the temple due to physical reasons such as burning and tearing, the physical conditions that cause the temple to lose its validity, the stolen or lost of the temple, the change of the island, parcel and sheet information in the deed, In such cases, the information on the title document will be updated and renewed. These operations are carried out by the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorates. In order to renew the title deed of the quiche, it is sufficient to personally apply to the Land Registry Office to which the relevant immovable is attached or to submit a proxy to be applied to the place.


How much is the Deed Renewal Fee?

People who are seeking to renew various reasons depending on the deed must pay the fee that is implemented as only 7,60 pounds. This amount, which is determined as the title renewal fee, is paid to the title deed of the title deed after completing the transactions by writing the title deed renewal request.


Documents necessary for renewing the title deed are composed of original and 1 photocopy of the identity of the person who is registered on the title deed. Now that all the data are stored on the computer, all the immovables registered on the ID number of the person can be reached and the casts of these immovables are removed with great ease.

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