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 Home    How Many Years Of Urban Transformation Are Covered By Urban Transformation?

Urban transformation is accelerating day by day in many districts in many regions. Urban transformation has started municipalities first, but building owners can do it themselves. Citizen’s head is mixed for the urban transformation which aims at destroying the depressed, rotten buildings and constructing depression-resistant buildings in their places. Many parts of Turkey are located in the first degree earthquake zone. Building owners need to take building earthquake risk report. Depressed risky buildings are being renewed and aimed to be more livable for life and property safety. Urban transformation is done around the legal rules. All precautions are being taken in this context.Urban transformation is also initiated by the building owner’s own application. The state also expects building owners to be sensitive.


What is the age of urban transformation building?
The urban transformation was determined according to the ages of the buildings and the plans and projects prepared. Urban transformation is stated to be valid for building ages 30 and over. How many annual buildings will be destroyed? The correct answer to this question is that the 30-year-old buildings will be demolished.


Will 50-year buildings be destroyed?

The urban transformation for each region covers 30 years or more. Accordingly, the decision to demolish the 50-year-old building. Within this scope, it was decided that buildings with 30 years of age and older should be demolished and rebuilt and liveable and safe.


Citizens can learn from the municipalities they have detailed information on. They may also issue an earthquake risk report.

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