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For any houses value to increase after it is bought, it depends on couple of criterias. Of course a value of a house does not just increase on its own like money put into banks for interest. When you buy a house and want to sell it later, you must be very careful of where the house stands. What does it have close by. In the new real estate law, they also concentrate on whether the house is protected from earthquake or not. Therefore if the house is protected from earthquake, the value can increase rapidly.

The Value of the House Can be Calculated By The Percentage of the Rental Fee

The percentage of the rental fee is the time period in which the house will amortise itself and will pay more back than the needed value. This calculation is also used to calculate the actual value of the property. The calculation done for the value of houses changes in every city in Turkey. The calculation of the value of a house can even be different in bigger cities that have many districts.

How Can An Ideal Value of Calculated?

If you know the right calculation for the value of your house in your area, you will easily have an idea of the real value for your house to be able to make a good investment. If the value calculation of a house is low, it takes less time for the house to amortise itself and multiply its own value. If the value calculation is under 250, it takes about 7 years for the house to amortise itself. The value calculation changes also according to how the house is constructed. In Turkey, the best value calculation for normal houses is aroudn 120 to 250 and for officies, it is around 350.

How To Calculate The Value

The value calculation is done either monthly or yearly. When you divide the value of the house with the monthly rental fee, you will be able to get the value calculation result very easily. In Turkey, because the rental fees are paid monthly, the value calculation is done with the rate of the monthly fee.

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