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If you are unsure whether or not there is any registered immovable property on your property, you may be unwittingly subject to estate tax. If you own a registered immovable property in your own name (building, apartment, plot, shop, etc.), you have to pay property tax regularly every year. It is possible to pay this tax, which is paid to the municipality’s municipality where you reside, in a secure manner over the internet. In this way you will be saved from killing time in the long queues of the tax offices.

How is the Real Estate Tax Paid?

It is now very easy to pay real estate taxes via mobile phones and computer scanners. You can also pay the real estate tax as well as all other tax branches through the mobile applications of the banks. In addition, the Revenue Administration’s site also allows you to pay. Now, which option is easier for you, it will be appropriate to choose.

It is possible to pay in two installments during the year, until the end of May and November.

How is the Real Estate Tax Calculated?

The type and size of immovable property belonging to you are among the criteria that affect the calculation of the real estate tax. While more taxes are levied to encourage the conversion of vacant land to investment, the site fee determined by the commission of appreciation may also play an important role in increasing the real estate tax for the shops and flats.

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