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Stock Emlak General Manager Okan Sümer, who is active in the sector for 14 years and especially in Halkalı, Atakent region, gave clues about the market.

Bengü Öner: What type of circulation is happening in most circles?


Okan Sumer: Generally speaking, small apartments are preferred because of the fact that they are more expensive and cheaper than small apartments. Usually 3 and 4 room apartments are preferred for living; Small apartments are preferred for investment.

The rent for small apartments is always more. Smaller apartments are more profitable in this respect, according to the size of the rents of the bigger apartments are less.

There have been a lot of investors in the Middle East, especially recently. Halkalı, Ataköy, Bahçeşehir, especially the European side, Iran, Iraq and Syrian investors are busy. But it does not hold a big percentage as a percentage. They come to buy more.

Bengü Öner: What is important to pay attention to what to rent or sell in a short period of time?

Okan Sumer: For once you absolutely have to use the right tool. Because you have to get yourself a guarantee in that sense. It is important to be able to find the right tenant … What matters most when you invest is a tenant. It is important to get the lease. The rent is determined by the value of the apartment. So it is important to work with the right company. There are a number of procedures in place to buy the latest tapewide while you buy. You need to check whether you can mortgage, annotate on title deed. At this stage, we need the right organization.


Pricing is always important. There is no apartment that can not be sold when the market rates are relatively low. There are many options in Halkalı area, there are many projects. It is also useful to be selective here.

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