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İzmir is one of the biggest cities in Turkey so the general prices in the real estate thing are quite high does not matter which place of İzmir it is. Karaburun is actually situated far away from the are called the main city center but the prices are very high beacuse this area is one of the popular destination for summer vacation.


It is a kind of a semi detached island. The are have 13 village and we can say that the villages form these place. It has a beautiful and clear sea coast which is the main thing that attracts many people. Beside its beautiful sea coast the village that forms it are also so cut that many people also walk in the streets of the villages and spend their time.


General Prices

As we mentioned before any place in İzmir had usually high prices in terms of real estate so this area has also high prices like other ones. For example, if you want to buy a villa in here which is 3+1 and have 2 floor with a small garden you have to spend at least 300.000 Turkish Liras. The prices change according to the type of the house, the age of the building, the materials used in it and such things.


More the house became bigger and better more the prices became higher and higher. If you want to buy a house near here buy now because we do not know what are the prices will be in the future. Probably they will increase.

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