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 Home    Housing Prıces In Kagıthane Are Rising!

Housing prices are rising in Kagithane district, where transportation problems are solved to a large extent.

Real Estate Index According to February, in Kagithane rental and sale houses in the square meter prices increase is seen.


In the district in the last 3 years, the price of square meters for rented houses increased by 45.68 percent and the prices for square meters for sale houses increased by 55.47 percent.

The average square meter price was 4 thousand 802

With the opening of the Kağıthane – Pivalepaşa Tunnel, the ongoing construction of the subway line, the river rehabilitation works and the increase of the peripheral roads, Kağıthane has attracted great interest of especially the working people.

According to the index in February, the average square meter price is 19 TL for 1 room houses in rent and the average square meter price for residential houses is 4 thousand 802 TL.


Traffic data for February 2017 also point to a dispute about the Kagithane county. According to the index data, in houses with one room apartment rent and for sale, a page increase of 28 percent compared to the same period last year is observed.


Another reflection of the investments made in the region is seen in the numbers of the announcements. There is an increase in one room housing sales for the number of ads compared to the previous year, and there is 191 percent increase in the number of rental housing issues.

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