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 Home    Housing Prices in Istanbul Sancaktepe Are Rising!

Branded investments continue rapidly in the Istanbul Sancaktepe region where housing projects are concentrated. With the important projects that rase the value of the region, housing rents in Sancaktepe are expected to increase. Sancaktepe,with its population about 400 thousand people and with the infrastructure investments is the the important region for housing developers. Based on the research of ‘EVA’ Real property, the price in square meters is changing between 3000 -8000 TL. In branded housing projects the average price is 5000 TL.


The general manager of EVA Real Property Valuation, Cansel Turgut Yazıcı, states that Sancaktepe, being a highly sensitive residential area because of the nature of its basin, increased its positional value wih its connections to the TEM road, TEM-KARTAL linking road and to the Kurtköy Sabiha Gökçen Airport. General Manager says that over 50 years the migration to this region is rapidly increasing and according to 2016 population census it reached up to 377.047 people.

The Interest To This Region Will Still Increase

Yazıcı mentions that with the opening of the biggest City Hospital of Europe the interest will increase to the residential and trading parts of Sancaktepe. Çekmeköy-Sultanbeyli subway line which is expected to be ready by 2020 is going to be the continuation of Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy line and will pass through Sancaktepe. The line, the lenth of which is aproximated to be 10.9 kilometers, will in near future be extended till Kurtköy and be integrated with the high-speed train, according to Yazıcı.

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