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Reid, House Price Indexes: December 2014 results announced. According to this, rental prices in Istanbul and prices in Adana increased. Research conducted in seven cities (Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir and Kocaeli), which are the largest and most residential loans in terms of population density of Turkey, includes second hand housing, rental housing and branded projects. In second-hand homes, the index base is calculated using the Laspeyres formula as the base year will be June 2007 (June 2007 = 100).

1 apartment in Istanbul is amortizing itself in 17 years

When the turnaround times of second-hand houses are examined as of December, the price of an apartment house in Turkey is equal to 17.7 years (213 months), while in Istanbul this period is measured as 17.6 years (212 months). On the other hand, the price of an apartment block is 18.5 years (223 months) in İzmir; In Ankara it is back in 18.3 years (220 months).

Getting a ten-year home in Ankara and Izmir is easier than in Istanbul

When the housing purchasing power index values are examined, index values of 100 and above show that in the current interest rate environment (December 2014: 0.91 percent per month), you can become a homeowner by using a ten-year mortgage; Values below 100 indicate that the family can not own a house using a 10-year maturity loan.

Adana is the province where the prices for sale are highest
In December, residential sales prices per square meter in Adana increased by 1.58 percent, the city where prices were the highest.
During the same period, housing sales prices increased by 1.18 percent in Ankara, 0.51 percent in Antalya, 0.61 percent in Bursa, 1.18 percent in Istanbul, 0.85 percent in Izmir and 1.08 percent in Kocaeli.
Istanbul is the province with the highest rental prices In December, housing rents per square meter in Istanbul increased by 1.16 percent and Istanbul was the city where rents peaked. housing rental prices In the same period, housing rent values are 0.34% in Antalya; 0.13 percent in Izmir and 0.54 percent increase in Kocaeli. On the other hand, rent values did not change in Bursa; 1.27 percent in Adana and 0.17 percent in Ankara.

Prices rise in branded projects

In the public sector, the so-called “Marked Projects”, which are predominantly produced by corporate real estate companies, are calculated using the Laspeyres formula, which is the base year of the index January 2010 (January 2010 = 100).

In December, REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index increased by 0.31% in branded housing projects located in Istanbul-Europe, compared to the previous month; Istanbul increased 0.17% in branded residential projects near Asia.

1 + 1’s price did not change

In December, the REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index remained unchanged for the 1 + 1 housing type compared to the previous month; 2 + 1 housing type increased by 0.32 percent; 3 + 1 housing type increased by 0.36 percent and 4 + 1 housing type increased by 0.25 percent.
30 percent of the houses that are purchased are delivered immediately and 70 percent are not finished yet.

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