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 Home    Housing Loans Use is 48% According to the REIDIN-GYODER Report

REIDIN-GYODER published the new housing price index report. There is a 48% increase in the sales which the housing loans are used. The highest decrease has been seen in the last 16 months for the housing stocks. “The new housing price index February 2017” report has been prepared by REIDIN and GYODER. According to the report, the housing loans using rate is the highest in February for the last 1-year period. In February 2017, the housing loan using rate is 48% and also the decreasing rate in the stocks is 6.5%-this is the highest decreasing rate in the housing stocks for the last 16 months.

The Index Results also stated that there is a 0.6 % price increase in February for a month period. Also 2.79% price increase has been seen for a year period. (In February 2017)


20-Year Maturity Campaign is Attractive

REIDIN-GYODER report stated that real estate sector is much more active in February. The one of the biggest factors for this vitality in the sector is 20-year maturity campaign that started by February 1, 2017. The related campaign has been supported by the bank housing loans and these factors are very positively for the real estate sector. The low interests in the campaign are also effective for the investors.

Increase in Sales of Each Type Housing

Real estate sector is active in 2017. The sales of the all types Houses have been increased. The foreign investors have been encouraged by citizenship right as a result of their real estate investments in Turkey.

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