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The high-rise constructions that are made can ruin the silhouette of Istanbul. With the last high-rise buildings made, the beautiful image of Haliç was ruined. It is aimed to prevent this deterioration. Therefore, various studies are carried out. These works carried out in the field of reconstruction aim to prevent high-rise buildings. In this way, the protection of the image of the Haliç is targeted.

Editing Which Area To Do?

With the latest arrangement, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has made an arrangement on the land that it has on the Haliç coast. In particular, he gave permission to build a 10-storey high building. However, this development plan went to edit. With this arrangement, it is aimed to protect Haliç’s development plan. Work is being done to keep the number of floors less. This land is housed in Eyüp State Hospital. In addition, the district of Eyüp is located in Silahtarağa Mahallesi. The zoning permit was changed to make various constructions on this land. The ten-storey building permit was reduced. The floor number was 6.

What is Haliç’s Picture?

Thanks to this latest change, Halic’s image has been preserved. High-rise buildings can disrupt the appearance of historical sites. There are big roles here in the municipalities. The work carried out by the municipalities for the protection of historical sites is met with interest from people. Modern buildings are being built. At the same time, historical texture is preserved beside modern buildings. The historic texture of high-rise buildings is avoided.

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