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 Home    Gürle And Osb City Office Opened With Ceremony

Yunusemre Municipality, after Akkadık’a Manisa’ye pressed to make a residential area more to the button. While the municipality aims to house narrow and middle income families in approximately 5 thousand houses to be built to be allocated to 2 OSI employees in Gürle; The opening ceremony of Gürle and OSB City Office was realized. Yunusemre Municipality is preparing to pass on a new project after the project of 5,500 Akkadian Yunuskent Mass Housing Project which will relieve the chronic housing problem in Manisa to a great extent. The region was declared a mass housing area for the construction of 5,000 housing units, social facilities, urban squares, trade centers, education and health facilities to be allocated to 2 OSI employees. Within the scope of the project, the opening ceremony of Gürle and OSB City Office, which is located on Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) İsmail Tiryaki street, was held with ceremony.


Deputy Mayor Kilic Kaya, who made the opening speech in the program, gave information about the project. In Kaya’s speech, “The Gürle Mass Housing Area has a total size of 1 million 406 thousand 723 square meters and after the announcement, the institutional views and planning process will be finished at the same speed and the construction of the third stage housing and other reinforcement areas will be completed. The most important feature is the production of planned land without touching qualified agriculture and forestry facilities Another important feature is to plan integration between the Manisa Organize Industrial Zone dwelling area and the Akgedik Mass Housing Area dwelling plan and to integrate it into the city plan. The Gürle Mass Housing Area is an investment of approximately 700 million TL with the Akgedik Yunuskent Mass Housing Project of 5 thousand 500 houses and the construction of the Manisa 1 We are happy with all of our employees who have contributed to this investment by contributing TL 500 million. ”


Manisa OSB Chairman Sait Türek expressed his happiness to be involved in a study that is important for OSB employees. Talking to you; “Manisa OSB has been working for us for 50 years to add value to Manisa and to create a business and a food and we have also worked for ourselves to carry out various social policies and for this we are in the process of marriage and this is what we can do in this regard.” I have come to TOKI and Yunusemre Municipality. Or industrial workmanship.We have brought our structure closer to the industrial.A sample project.We provide all kinds of support for transportation links and infrastructures.TAKI also takes into consideration the demands of our municipality.This is a model.There are various examples. But this is a planned first. Turkey will be an example of a project will be used “expressions.


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