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The lush city of Ordu is a district of our province. This district is highly valued after the airport project, which was the first in the world and built on the sea. The price of real estate has always affected the region where the airport is located. The airport, built in Istanbul, has greatly affected the surrounding districts. In Gülyalı, land prices also gained value after the construction of the airport. This airport has moved the real estate sector in the region. The winning sector has allowed many to take land from the area.

Sincere Position

Location is between Ordu and Giresun. When you arrive at 8. Km while visiting Giresun from Ordu, the Gülyalı district will meet you. The livelihood in this area is mostly hazelnut. Only hazelnut production is not done. At the same time, production of walnut and kiwi is also realized. Beekeeping is the production of chestnut bale. Investments made in the city in recent years and tourism investments with the contribution of Blue Flag Project are the foreground. It is a coastal town with blue-flagged beaches and beaches of the Gülyalı Ordu.


The population is very low. The population of the Gülyalı district is around 9000. This low population ratio does not cause the land prices to be low. The airport is located in the region that affects the land prices.

Ordu-Giresun Airport

The Ordu-Giresun airport was built in the Gülyalı district. This airport is one of the most important airports in the world. Because this airport is built on the sea. After the construction of this airport, the land prices in the region have increased too much. The increase in the district was measured as 400 percent. Among the information coming from 1 million Turkish liras requested for an acre plot.

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