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Sports activities are one of the areas that are highly supported. Today, municipalities are making big investments in these areas. An investment in Istanbul was given. A new green space and sports facility was planned. Decision on the change of the zoning plan regarding the land with 3 tennis courts, wild animal museum, 3 trap-skeet shooting polygon, guest house, air gun shooting range and local and administrative buildings was taken. It was accepted by the IMM Assembly with the majority of votes. In this respect, some important issues have been uncovered. It is planned that this area will be an urban and regional big sports field. By this decision, the decision was made for sports academy and sports hospital.

Sport City Istanbul

Istanbul will win a new sports facility. In addition, a sports hospital will be built in this region. This can be counted as a first. With the new sports facility, there will be many new and exclusive opportunities for sportsmen. Istanbul is a big city. There are many sports lovers in this city. This will be a great opportunity for people who love sports.


The subject was discussed at the IBB Assembly session. The CHP gave the rejection. In addition, the Assembly Member of the CHP Hüseyin Sağ pointed to some points. He emphasized that the natural assets commission has a say in the plans for Istanbul’s development. It was also pointed out that it was a sports hospital for the people’s sports field.


Hadi Diler, President of the Development and Public Works Commission made some statements in response to this statement. He stated that a sports hospital would be built here and that he would be looking for remedy for sports diseases. He stressed that this was a first.

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