Home    Good News To Those Who Want To Use A Residential Loan Last Day 30 March

Advantageous loan period offered for people who want to become a homeowner by using a residential loan continues. The application deadline for these home loans, which increase both the housing demand and the installments, is 30 March.

Good News to Those Who Want to Use a Residential Loan!

The 240 month maturity term of the housing loan, which is offered for people who want to become a homeowner by using the residential loan has started. Monthly installment payments with a 20 year maturity will be reduced in large proportion, while a 0.75 – 0.85 point range will be used for home loan interest rates. In this case, if the person who uses a 120 month maturity residential loan has a monthly payment of 4,100 liras and a 240 month maturity residential loan, the installment amount of the residential loan that should be paid monthly is to be reduced to 2,900 liras.


Branded Housing Projects Will Provide Great Advantages

Within the scope of the campaign initiated by the branded housing producers, both the interest rates on the residential loans for the branded residential buyers are withdrawn and the use of the residential loans with a maturity of 20 years is allowed. In this way, both the interest load is reduced and the housing loan is extended and the monthly payment of the pensions is reduced and the payments for the housing loans are facilitated.

Those who want to buy a house with this advantageous home loan will have a chance to make very profitable investments.

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