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 Home    Glad News For The People Who Would Hire A Flat In Istanbul

The prices of profits for renting a flat are on decrease. In addition, there would not be price increase for a long time.

The director of real estate agents in Istanbul, Nizameddin Asa, explained that the price of renting has been on decline with the rate of 25%. He emphasized that the price of renting flats accounting for 1200 tl are 1000tl, and the flats accounting for 1000tl are now 900tl. Besides, he added that the lower price of renting has been on decrease with rate of 5-10%. Aşa claimed that there have been numerous flats are to rented, and the flats, costing 2500tl previous year, have been able to be sold as 2200tl.


He remarked that the prices have been in the recession with the rate of 25%, and he people could purchase a flat with suitable price rather than immense prices. However, some luxurious flats could not be purchased with lower price, which shows that there is a limitation on the price. Nowhere has a flat costing 500tl or 600tl except distant locations. He declared good news through all these statements by invoking the people’s hopes.

Nizamettin Asa expressed that there have been lots of flats to be sold. That’s why, increases on the prices would not be generated for a long time. Therefore, the people who would like to purchase a flat as soon as possible without waiting so much due to fact that the prices of houses or flats could not be highly-priced but the options to possess a flat might be on decrease following days.

All in all, the explanations of Nizamettin Asa demonstrate that it is time to have a flat or a dwelling house with lower price, and it could be noticeable that there would be no increase on the price for renting.

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