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 Home    Foreigners Bought Housing Worth 4.6 Billion Dollars In 2017!

Foreigners, figure they paid last year to $ 4.6 billion while purchasing residential housing from Turkey showed a 19.4 percent increase over the previous year. Isbank’s “Current Developments in the sector,” according to the report, the number of foreign interest in Turkey subject received increasing with each passing year, registering an increase compared to the previous period every month of the year.

According to the Anatolia news agency, In 2017 the number of foreign matter taken from Turkey increased by 22.2 percent compared to 2016 was recorded as 22 thousand 234. Foreigners paid $ 4.6 billion for housing last year.

Istanbul is located at the beginning of the illicit choice of the foreigners in 2017 8 thousand 182. Istanbul with 4,707 houses Antalya, with 474 houses Bursa, 79 houses with Yalova, 978 houses with Trabzon, 826 houses with Aydın, 817 houses with Ankara, 770 houses with Sakarya, 634 houses with Mugla, 600 houses with Mersin.

“The increase will continue”

Faruk Akbal, Chairman of the Board of Nevita International, which was established by Fuzul Group for the sale of foreign real estate, expressed that the increase in the sales of the houses to the foreigners will continue in 2018 as well. Akbal used the following expressions:

“Last year we experienced in revenues was effective percent quinine as promoting the government’s citizenship in 20 as well as increase KDV exemption. However, more importantly Turkey’s increasingly become a shining center between Europe and Asia. Envisioning this, continuing to advance its investments despite the cyclical all the negativity.

On the interest of foreigners, we, as Fuzul Group, established Nevita named company to sell only real estate to foreigners. While we had a turnover of TL 6.5 million in 2014, we increased this figure to 34 million TL last year. In 2017, we targeted sales of 120 million pounds and sold 150 million pounds. We sell an average house with 650 thousand pounds of foreigners. “

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