Home    For How Long Can The Property Tax Be Paid?

Owners of land are obliged to pay advance tax or property tax every year. Those who own real estate in 2018 are obliged to submit a declaration only until the end of the year. For real estate they receive, they pay the estate tax in 2019. This year estate tax payments; It is of interest to all taxpayers who are not homeowners and property tax exemption in 2017.

The real estate tax for the year 2018 will take place in the first installment payments, 1st March – 31st May 2018 and second installment payments in the 1st – 30th of November. Those who prefer to pay in cash may make payments within the period of March 1 – May 31.

How is the real estate tax calculated?

The tax rate of the dwellings is calculated as 2 in the metropolitan area and 1 in the non-metropolitan municipalities. The real estate tax rates for the workplace and the shop were determined to be 4 in metropolitan cities and 2 in non-metropolitan municipalities.

Tax rates on land and land; the plot is 6 in metropolitan municipalities and 3 in metropolitan municipalities. In Araz, the rates are 2 in metropolitan municipalities and 1 in municipalities other than metropolitan municipality.

How is a home tax with exceptional conditions paid?

For houses with floor easement title, the building tax is operated. Building tax means that a shop, office, or home tax is being operated. Therefore, for a house with a flat easement, the tax is calculated using the rates of residential property tax. If you change a house that is registered as a place of business in Tapuda, you use the residence rates in the real estate tax. However, for the independent section used as a dwelling in the temple, the business tax is paid if you do not change the registration.

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