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The fire in Istanbul Sariyer area in Maslak Plaza caused panic. When the first fire reports were received, all employees working in the building were evacuated in a short period of time. However, a large amount of smoke made it difficult for the evacuation process and the work of fire brigades. In addition, employees working in the building noted that at the first smoke people were panic-stricken, but security services worked quickly and professionally, thus avoiding unpleasant consequences.


The fire arose in the Maslak Plaza on May 8 at about 12.30. According to the information received, for some unknown reason a fire broke out on the ground floor of the building. Security officers informed the fire brigades about the smoke. Fire brigades from areas Saryer, Hashiosman and Seyrantepe were sent to the scene. In a short period of time, the teams that arrived at the scene of the events began to work on extinguishing, controlling the fire.

One of the eyewitnesses of the fire says: “When everyone was evacuated, we breathed a sigh of relief: the building was very smoky and at first no one understood what the area of fire was, fire brigades arrived very quickly and extinguished the fire.”

It was also noted that the intelligent fire extinguishing system in the building was switched on at the first signs of the fire that had started. Until it is clear what caused the fire, experts put forward several versions among which the closure of an electrical cable or garbage.

The police began investigating the fire. The amount of losses from the fire is not yet known.

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