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In the last 10 years labor law changes that have occurred in Turkey developed thanks to legal aliens have more possibilities. These changes also prevented foreign employees from having their insurance, overtime and non-payment of their salaries. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has approved 104.915 work permits in the last two years. The majority of applications, the most populous and largest city of Turkey was held in Istanbul


Jobs can do for Foreigners in Turkey

Foreigners in Turkey can work in all professions except for a few exceptions business.Businesses that cannot work for foreigners are: Security, maritime, nursing, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy and notary and legal works.
Some foreigners want to be a tour guide using their mother tongue, but this requires several years of training. Some of the business lines that are suitable for foreigners and can work on are travel consultancy, animating in hotels, teaching in private institutions in case of TESO certificate and also working in international companies.


Work Permits for Foreigners

Work permit applications can be made by the employee or the employer. The applications can be made by the employees from the consulates in their country, the collection of all documents in the applications of the employers by filling the forms and sending them to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.At least 5 T.C citizens are required to work in the workplace for the work permit application.
Work can be started when work permit applications are approved. The employer is responsible for regulating social security and tax payments. Work permits are special to the job and the work permit is canceled when the foreign employee leaves the work.


Turkey Noble Work Permits for Foreigners in Turkey

The Turkish legal system has a category of privileged aliens. Turkish raced foreigners working rights of Turkish descent by law for them to operate in Turkey by foreigners is regulated. According to this law, Turkish noble foreigners can work in all public and private workplaces except for the Turkish Armed Forces and Security organizations; If they can get work permit, they can work in judges, public prosecutors and civil servants. They have the same rights as Turkish citizens in terms of working conditions and social security.

Independent work permits

The people residing continuously for at least 5 years in turkey and to obtain independent legal work permit is required. In order for the application to be approved, it is necessary for the person to present a business plan, to demonstrate the entrepreneurial character and to show how to benefit the Turkish economy.
As an alternative, in 2017, the Turkuaz System was started to be implemented in heavy skilled workers with a change in the International Labor Law.

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