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 Home    Eyup Municipality 2016 Yearly Activity Report Approved In The Assembly

Eyup Mayor Remzi Aydin presented a report on sports activities from 2016 to education support, from infrastructure works to development related issues, from cultural activities to environmental regulations, from sanitary to artificial, all human oriented investments. President Remzi Aydin said that Eyup is one of the showcases of civilization in the presentation of the 2016 Annual Activity Report which he made at the Eyup Municipal Assembly meeting and said that he regards our civilization as a great blessing to serve this beautiful city which has been accepted as a center of spirituality since the time of his coming.


President Aydin underlined the signing of the gigantic works and services in three years. He went on to present the activity report and said: “Of course Eyup and Eyupler deserve the most beautiful of service. I am also working with my team, my colleagues and you to work the most beautifully of our municipality by adding day and night to pay the debt to Eyup. Brand projects have brought a new breath to municipality. Under the roof of social responsibility, we tried not to have a single citizen that we did not embrace. We are striving to produce services for the Eyup in all areas of life, “he said.

President Aydin continued, “We have prepared brand projects that will make Eyup a world city. We restored the unique works of Eyup Sultan and started a project to transform Eyup center into a center of attraction. When we finish our project with short name ESTAM, Eyup Sultan Square’s connection with Halic will be restored, chaos and chaos will come to an end and social and cultural development of our city will continue uninterruptedly. “

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