Every Year About Thousand Buıldıngs Are Transformıng In The Anatolıan Sıde!
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Bagdat Street is one of the landmarks of Istanbul. The “high rent” that has started in the past years has been a problem.


Bagdat Street Utarit Izgi, Mahmut Bir, Rebii Gorbon, Zeki Sayar, and many mansions were destroyed in 1950s in order to open new living spaces to people in the midst of Istanbul’s immigration. HSN Architects Chairman Mustafa Can Nalbantoğlu, who refers to the historical process, stated that a new process was introduced both in design and production in 2012, the location of 4-5-storeyed apartments, the external plans prepared according to the requirements of the projects and land owners, He says he bought apartments with floors.


Nalbantoglu said, “At the moment when the urban transformation is completed, there is a minimum of another 20 years, the avenue will be composed of distant projects from the green, with the same style architectural features that the aesthetic concerns are on the back.”

Aydoğan Construction Chairman İrfan Aydoğan, who has developed more than 50 housing projects in Baghdad Street and its surrounding areas for 30 years, says that the technical names on the street are only seen on the tableland.

Melih Tavukçuoğlu, the head of the Anatolian Building Contractors’ Association, says, “Since the beginning of urban transformation, we have been able to renew only 10 percent of the buildings in the locomotive district, and 25 thousand buildings are expected to be demolished, with an average of 1000 buildings entering the urban transformation every year.