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Altan Elmas who is the Chairman of Sur Yapi said that they will be able to sell 100 MW wind and hydroelectric power plant portfolio in the coming years without operating 32 MW.

Turkey Sur Yapı of the major real estate companies, energy investments continues at full speed.

“we Wıll Complete In 2020”

Altan Elmas who is the Chairman of Sur Yapi made a statement about the matter and interviewed Mehmet Erdogan Elgin from Bloomberg BusinessWeek. In the interview, Elmas also touched on energy investments.

Elmas said that “The construction of the others is ongoing and we are planning to complete it in 2020,” which is comprised of wind and hydroelectric power plants and has a total capacity of 100 megawatts (MW), operating at 32 megawatts (MW).

“here For Use To Utılıze Busıness”

Noting that power was not looking for an ambitious and huge player, he said, “We are here to support the country’s current account deficit problem, to do a useful job.”

“another Optıon Can Be The Publıc Offerıng”

He was also asked whether Elmas would consider selling Sur Yapı’s electricity generation portfolio. Elmas says that “Yes. It is also an option. Another option may be the public offering. Maybe we can do this before all the projects are done. There is currently a financial power of 32 MW. There are jobs in progress. Such a public offering may also be. Four to five years ago on the property side, such an attempt was thought but never happened. “

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