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REIDIN Turkey, 16 April 2017, before the referendum on Sunday, June 2011, June 2015 and November 2015 elections on the housing market reflects the review.

In the period between March and June 2011, the REIDIN Housing Price Index was 2.32 percent, the housing loan interest rate was 12.20 percent, the TUFE was 1,83, the BIST 100 Index was -0.55 percent, the unemployment rate was -9.26 percent.


Prices Increase After Selection

Looking at the quarterly turnaround between June and September, after the election, REIDIN Housing Price Index change was 3.05 percent, housing loan interest rate change was 13.04 percent, while the change in the domestic currency was 11.88, the change in the euro was 7.21, , Reaching the level of 21.

In the period between March and June 2015, the REID Home Price Index was 3.04 percent, the interest rates on the housing loan were 10.99 percent, the TUFE was 1.68 percent, the BIST 100 Index was 0.72, the unemployment rate was -9.43, Dry 7,12 and gold showed a change of 3.42 percent. In the three months after the election, the change values of macro-indicators increased in the same way as in June 2011, mainly in dollars, gold and euros.

When three-month changes in macro-indicators between August-November 2015, which preceded the November 1 elections, were examined, it is seen that there was an increase in non-euro and non-euro.

The election period of November 2015, unlike the periods of June 2011 and June 2015, is the first period in post-election housing prices as the first period of stabilization according to pre-election turnover.

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