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 Home    EBRD: Turkey Has Shown a Tremendous Success In 15 Years

The Transition Report prepared by the EBRD (Transition Report / 2017-2018) promotion of Turkey, the Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) was held at the headquarters.


Tuerkner stated that his investments have spread to different sectors such as finance, infrastructure, energy and agriculture, and that 97 percent of the investment amount is for the private sector.

Arvid Tuerkei, “the EBRD is not an opportunistic investors. We are moving Demand-driven but we’re going out a strategy. As part of this strategy for Turkey’s progress and necessary for transformation into a sustainable market economy we’re looking at the most critical areas and our investments we are referring to these areas.”

Tuerkner voiced that they are trying to make an impact in order to achieve this goal and stressed that they hope to benefit the customers as well as money and funds.

Today Tuerkner recalled that they were here to present the transitional report, and that each year they prepared this report in the countries they were operating.

Tuerkner stated that the report raised the difficulty of growing sustainable, especially the difficulties in maintaining the growth of countries where middle income is common.

Tuerkner continued his words as follows:

“This is how you can avoid the middle income trap? Because this phenomenon allows growth and efficiency with experience in a certain income level. This is closely related with Turkey. Turkey has shown tremendous success in the last 15 years and has changed its growth model.  “

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