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 Home    Does Istanbul Lose Its Appeal On Real Estate?

Urban Land Institute and PwC reported some decisions about international investors in Europe over real estate. Enlightening research of Urban Land Institute and PwC on investments decisions of real estate is resulted in the explanation of Developing Trends in


Europe 2017 on Real Estate.

According to the reports, Developments in Europe changed the preferences of investors. This report has been set by means of more than 800 real estate professionals’ advises. According to this report, Istanbul took place in 14th rank before, yet in 2017 Istanbul takes place in 28th rank. Besides, report depicts that Germany cities will be the most preferable cities in Europe on real estate in 2017.

The Effect of Coup D’ Etat

As in the effect of Londra preferences of Brexit investors, research were carried out as the same time as the attempts of Coup D’ Etat, so Istanbul has the recession on the sector of real estate. Report says that Istanbul has disappeared the characteristic of being preferred for a short time. Reports also show that international corporate investments will decrease in a shorter period, while personal investors will go on preference of Istanbul from Middle East. In addition, it is shown on the report that strong and sharp sector of banking is advantageous for Turkey. It is quite likely to support the government after political struggles. And also, Turkey does not depend upon any other countries in abroad as Russia. Besides, the structure of younger population is expressed to enable the country in order to develop the circumstances of consumption in this report.

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