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With the Ministry of Finance decreasing the title deed fees, the locomotive sectors of Turkey are expected to be active in the construction sector.

Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Ozhaseki said that the construction industry has been a very big expectation in recent years. Ozhaseki said that one of these was the reduction of the title deed fees, and lastly he said that the arrangements brought by the Ministry of Finance have brought down the fees even more.

Pointing to the importance of the construction sector, Ozhaseki said, “As the government, we are trying to make commercial life alive from one side, trying to strengthen the industry on the one hand, and trying to increase exports on the other. We are also working on the development of our trades in the domestic market. There are about 250 business lines that are affected by the construction industry, and we want to be active in the construction sector and to live in the other sectors together. ” he said.

Ozhaseki, striving to take steps to mobilize the market, remarking that “in the coming days, this sector will also see the reflections of the sector.” said.

Tahir Tellioglu, Chairman of the Confederation of Construction Contractors, expressed that the construction sector was the locomotive of the country’s economy.

Tellioglu pointed out that every step taken for the development of the sector would have a direct impact on the Turkish economy and that “the reduction made in the title deeds will contribute to the sector in the near future and we are expecting a mobility in the sector in the summer months. Of course in this regard, title deeds will also benefit the consumer Work. ” Used expressions.

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