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Despite the US government warning to Americans to visit Turkey it continues to increase visits Turkey to the Americans. This increase is quite high compared to the previous years. Increases in reserve rates have reached 214%.US citizens have discovered low-cost Mediterranean resorts using the advantage of cheap Turkish lira.

Turkey also experienced after the July 24 coup attempt occurred in Syria and neighboring countries after the war against security concerns heard, Turkey has made serious efforts to increase the number of tourists to Turkey. The number of tourists increased by 6% compared to the previous year and reached 38 million.

Although the United States of any changes to the tour operators in the travel warning, which Turkey promised affordable luxury resort, great beaches for tourists, good food and an opportunity offered by the five star luxury hotels.
Turkey’s terrorism charges after someone pastor Andrew Brunson kept the consequent modifications also make a series of crises in the US trade tariffs with the US against the dollar, the Turkish lira has caused him to lose about 40%. The Turkish lira recovered slightly as Turkish and US officials held a series of meetings in the case of pastor Brunson and increased dialogue.

President Erdogan is going to the United Nations meeting this week in the United States, the American authorities and the priest will hold talks on the Brunson case. In addition, by the central bank, measures to support the Turkish lira have been taken in order to stabilize the Turkish lira and interest rates have increased by 6.25 percent.

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