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Investors pay close attention due to the proximity to the Istanbul center for buying and selling real estate in Silivri. Silivri county, one of the rising regions of Istanbul, is seen as a profitable investment zone for every budget.

Ali Paşa, Ortaköy and Gazitepe districts are at the top of the preferred regions due to their location in the Silivri region. Property values have increased with the increase in the value of these regions.


Transportation in Silivri

Silivri region is surrounded by Buyukcekmece, Çorlu, Marmara Ereğli and Marmara Sea coast. The region is connected to major settlements and industrial centers via motorways as well as being located on major roads.

The region established parallel to the coastline draws attention of investors as it is natural beauty and suitable for agriculture. The coastal, agriculture and animal husbandry fields make it possible to invest in the region to create new business lines.

Current Real Estate Prices in Silivri

In Silivri, 1 + 1 apartments for sale in the real estate properties are located in Gümüşkaya region, varying from 75,000 TL to 160,000 TL. These apartments, which are preferred by those who prefer single living or those who want to make an investment, come in long walks.

Among the most preferred residences for new married couples and investors are 2 + 1 flats. There are investment apartments starting from 95.000 TL in the republic. In Fatih region, there are very luxurious detached houses worth 2.700.000 TL.

3 + 1 apartments, which are preferred by wider and children’s families, are offered for sale in Alibeyköy region starting from 170.000 TL. Luxury villas with pools located in the neighborhood of Kavaklı and Mimar Sinan vary from 600.000 TL to 890.000 TL.

Silivri rental prices

Rental apartments in Silivri are kept under consideration of the physical conditions of the houses, the year and the location of construction. Besides these features, it is the reason why it is preferred to be close to places such as houses, hospitals, schools and shopping centers.

The preferred 2 + 1 rental apartment prices in Selimpaşa region start from 500 TL. Rental house prices vary between 700 TL and 950 TL in Yenimahalle, Mimar Sinan and Alibey neighborhoods. The most expensive house rent is located in the Yenimahalle region as 1,000 TL.

3 + 1 apartments preferred by families with large and children are given to the rent from Gümüşkaya district at 850 TL. The rental apartments located in Alibey and Yenimahalle areas are between 1,000 TL and 1,500 TL.

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