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The payment of the real estate tax began. Beginning in March, property tax payments for the year 2017 began. While some homeowners were wondering how many taxes they would pay, others began to seek an answer to the question of whether they would pay property taxes. The last date of payment of tax on May 31.

Property Tax Exemption Details


Pensioners, unemployed housewives, citizens with disabilities, veterans, widows and orphans are entitled to exemption from the real estate tax, if they have only one residence to 200 square meters. For exemption from payment of property tax, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

Exemption from payment of taxes is not received by working pensioners, unemployed housewives receiving income exceeding 29 thousand Turkish liras, or income from dividends, deposits or funds.

These people can have real estate, such as shops and land. However, there is a condition that the income from this property should not be created.

Pensioners, unemployed and housewives who own shares in their homeland receive benefits. The premise at the moment is that the house does not exceed 200 square meters tax exemption total area.

Pensioners, unemployed and housewives who rent their own home also receive.

200-square meters of single-family real estate of disabled citizens are included in the list of tax benefits, regardless of their income.

Is tax exemption valid for summer homes? The answer to this question is exemption from real estate tax for houses that are not used permanently.

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