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Consumer’s Right To Withdraw From The Model House!
The Consumer Law No. 6502 gives the right to withdraw from the consumer and the right to return without a contract in prepaid housing sales known as model house sales. The consumer is entitled to the right to withdraw within 14 days without showing any reason and without penalty. The model can inform the seller that if the consumer buys the housing by buying the housing by liking it over the model project from the unfinished construction or excavated housing project, it informs the seller that it is going away from the sale.

If the consumer has used the housing loan (loan) in the purchase of the model house, the seller must notify the lender after the cancellation notice made to him. According to the Consumer Law, the housing financing institution can not claim any expenses under interest, commission, legal obligation and similar names within the period of right of withdrawal.

Article 45 of the Law on the Protection of Consumers explains the right of the consumer to return from the Convention on Sale of Prepaid Housing, known as model house sales. The consumer likes it over the model, the house bought with the sale promise contract has the right to return to the seller without any reason within 24 months. In case of returning from the contract, the seller may ask for compensation between 2-8% depending on the expenses arising from the legal liability such as tax, painting, fee and due to the sales promise contract.

In addition, no penalty shall be imposed on the consumer in the event that the consumer returns without a contract due to some force majeure under the law. Consumers can not ask for expenses incurred by the seller, consumer compensation, and legal liability if the consumer dies, is unemployed for a long time, fails to fulfill the seller’s obligations, or sells the house to more than one person.

When we look at the explanations made, construction companies want the penalties to rise even more if the consumer turns away from the contract, shortening the employee. It is announced that the consumer will be forced to pay for the construction company after the 14th day after the end of 24 months. Construction companies are rightly looking at the issue because of their facades. I am curious about how much the consumer knows and protects this issue.

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