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Construction sector representatives from Bursa, who came together to discuss the new zoning regulation, said they wanted the new zoning regulation, which was changed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, to be postponed. Sector representatives stated that the construction industry has not yet completed preparations for the extraordinary conditions over the last month and that it needs to be done until the end of the year.

Bakyapı Chairman Veysel Bakal emphasized that this radical change is not yet ready in the sector and said, “There has been a delay before the regulation but there is no preparation in the sector due to the extraordinary events that occurred before June 30. It is not ready for the municipalities in this sense. The ministry will postpone the new regulation by one option until the end of 2017, “he said.


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Arrangements To Open The Sector Ahead

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Vice President said that the zoning regulation being prepared would remove some of the existing problems and bring some regulations that will open the way for the construction sector.

Should Be Evaluated From Scratch

BTSO Construction Council Chairman emphasized that the change process in the zoning regulation has been going on since 2013 and stated that the ministry should evaluate the regulation from scratch.

The new zoning regulations to be commissioned in June 2017 will bring important regulations in construction process and architectural construction. Construction sector representatives want the new zoning regulation to be postponed.

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