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Haydar Yamaç, The Chairman of the Board of Yamaç Yapı, said:

‘We have full confidence in the sector’

Housing sales in June 2017 decreased by 8.1% compared to the same month of the previous year to 97,579. Such declines in housing sales are happening periodically. As we all know, the summer months are slower for the construction sector. I think the opening of seasons in September and October and the increase in housing demand and sales will be accompanied by the start of schools. The sector will continue to maintain its vitality as the locomotive of the economy continues to be supported by the government. We are fully committed to the construction sector, and we continue to invest all our resources without stopping. With the government incentive rate cuts, miserable new campaigns, title fees and discounts on stamp tax, the sector that has gained momentum continues to be the safest port.

Sefa Öztürk, the Sefa Construction Board Member said the following:

‘Periodic recessions may ocur.’

‘Household sales in Turkey, announced by TURKSTAT, decreased by 8.1% in June compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 97,579.

It is normal that there are periodic recessions as in every sector. When we look at housing sales figures in 2017, we see growth in the construction sector, which is demanding goods and services produced by more than 200 sub-sectors of the economy as locomotives.

The sector should not be assessed against a one-to-two-month decline, but the overall rate should be considered. In order to increase housing sales and investments, the sector is supported by our government. It is also encouraging for us to see that the real estate sector supports the economy this way. The sector continued to grow in the first six months of 2017 and investments will continue to increase until the end of the year.’

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