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The Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association has demonstrated the current situation and expected developments in the construction and related manufacturing and services sectors with the Ready Mixed Concrete Index.

Increased Limited Rest in the Confidence Index

The value of the Ready-Mixed Concrete Confidence Index, which increased by 0.1 percent in March showed that confidence in the ready-mixed concrete sector is very limited. While 74% of the respondents indicated that they did not consider making new investments, 18% of those who thought of a new employment remained. The rate of those who think that there will be a decrease in employment is 11%.


Expectation for Future Stayed At the Same Level

The Expectation Index remained at the same level as the previous month, which is very important for showing the course of the coming period. 58 percent of respondents think their sales will increase in the next three months and 8 percent will decrease, indicating that the industry has had optimistic expectations about the upcoming turnaround. The Ready-Mixed Concrete Index climbed to 100.56 from 100.38 levels, closing the March rate with a 0.2 percent increase.

Increased 3 Months in the Next Month

Ready Mixed Concrete Index Explaining the views on the results of the March Report, European Exceeding the threshold value of the other indices excluding Ready Concrete Confidence Index is the clearest indication of the movement in ready mixed concrete and construction sectors. However, the fact that Ready-Mixed Concrete Activity Index is just above the threshold value indicates that the sector’s contribution is not sufficient.

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