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 Home    Construction Investment is in the First Place in Turkey

Attending the Construction and Real Estate Exhibition MIPIM which takes place in Cannes Environment and Urban Planning Minister Mehmet Özhaseki, made a speech at the opening of the Turkey “Home Session”. Talking about the importance of the construction sector, Minister Özhaseki, underlined that in the last 15 years there was a 165 billion dollar investment in Turkey, the number of foreign firms that participating in Turkey are rising in compare to 2000s. Özhaseki noted that “By the way, even in troubled times the growth in the economy has been continuous and this is so good in the name of our country.

There is no city without University. The number of airports has risen from 26 to 55 at the end of the season airport’s number will rise to 60. We have built 114 quality tunnels, the length of the two-way roads were 6 thousand kilometers we added 18 thousand kilometers more. A huge investment was made, we have made the biggest investments in our country, especially after completing Kanal Istanbul, the whole construction industry will have opportunities. We have thousands that come from around the World to sell their products. 50 percent of investments in Turkey consists of the construction industry and our country is also in the top rankings in the world and Europe. Construction share in national income is about 8-9 percent, contractors have reached $ 220 billion in their work abroad.”

There is a Requirement for Urban Transformation

Minister Özhaseki mentioned that urban planning began in the 1930s in Turkey, the youth population always rises and desire for renewal never ends that is why urban transformation is a requirement in Turkey. “Plans are made lately in Turkey if compared to the western countries and also Turkey is an earthquake country. 66 percent of our territory in the first and second-degree earthquake zone. We have to find solutions for earthquakes possible effects. ” he said.

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