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According to, the average housing prices in Çanakkale was 260 thousand TL, while the average return period in residence was 23 years.

Çanakkale 1915 Bridge, where work began in March; led to higher real estate prices, especially in Lapseki and Gelibolu, in the region and the increases are continuing.

According to the index data, the average square meter sales prices in the downtown area of ​​Çanakkale city are determined as 2 thousand 325 TL, the average house prices are 260 thousand TL and the average return period (depreciation time) is 23 years. The details of the floor plan are as follows:

The average prices in 1 + 1 apartments are 140 thousand TL and the returning process is 20 years, the average prices in 2 + 1 apartments are 225 thousand TL, the returning process is 24 years and the average prices in 3 +1 apartments are 320 thousand TL and the depreciation period was measured as 26 years.

When Çanakkale is generally evaluated with its districts, the average residence size is 113 square meters, the selling price of square meters is 2 thousand 200 TL and the average return period is 22 years.

The average values ​​of Lapseki and Gelibolu, which are most affected by the favorable wind of Çanakkale 1915 Bridge, are as follows.

The average housing size in Lapseki is 122 square meters, the square meter selling price is 1,775 TL and the average returning time is 20 years. The average residence size in Gallipoli is 120 square meters, the square meter selling price is 1,575 TL and the average returning period is 26 years.

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