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 Home    Bes Era Will Mobilize The Housing Sector

The addition of real estate to mutual funds of private pension insurance companies (BES) has caused a tremendous enthusiasm for branded housing producers.


The investment tool that earned the most in comparison to foreign currency, gold and other investment instruments was the long-lasting real estate sector. For this reason investors in the housing sector, “This practice will become a serious move to the real estate sector, which has become the engine of the economy. The biggest impact will be seen in strangers. The new regulation may lead foreign investors to show more interest in the Turkish real estate sector, “he said. The bosses of the housing sector, who foresee that the introduction of these funds will be based on other investment instruments, say: “A new income for the investor and a new financing model for the sector are emerging. We are talking about a transparent benchmarking model for foreigners interested in the Turkish housing sector. Even foreigners who see themselves in short walks will not be indifferent to these funds and therefore the real estate sector. ”


Fuzul Group Vice Chairman of the Board Eyüp Akbal “Adding BES companies’ portfolio to their portfolios as an investment tool adds a new dimension to the positive regulations made in the last one year. We consider the application as a reflection of the future potential of the sector and the profitability of the investor. Fuzulev continues to operate in our group as a form of implementation of BES in a different way, “he said.


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