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 Home    Ayder Plateau Protection Croquis Was Created!

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanism acted for the protection of Ayder Plateau. The ministry, which issued the croquis of the region, completed detailed sketch procurement, geological and geotechnical survey reports with field studies on the spring.


Samples Are Being Reviewed

The ministry, which also conducts surveys in the region, examines different practices that have been passed on abroad for improvements to be made in Ayder Plateau while identifying unlicensed buildings on the one hand. The ministry officials underline that the most important point to be observed in the work carried out is to preserve the natural beauty of the region.

While the end of the work carried out with the protocol signed between the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Mass Housing Administration, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Governorate of Rize and Çamlıhemşin Municipality approached Ayder Plateau and the results report writing and preliminary urban design studies began.
Ministry officials continue their analysis studies to find solutions to property problems in the region. The ministry officials, who will determine whether the buildings constructed in accordance with the traditional architecture in question are healthy, will determine the intervention methods for the rehabilitation of structures with traditional architecture that must be protected.

Workshop To Be Held

Workshops will be held for the improvements to be made in Ayder Plateau in the upcoming days and work will be carried out on solutions for property problems, feasibility and modeling approaches, natural and sociologically sustainable tourism issues. Consultations with the citizens will be held in line with the decisions taken at the workshop.

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