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 Home    Ayamder: Urban Transformation İs Not Urban Disaster

President of Adana Building Contractors Association (AYAMDER) Mustafa Fidan Vursavuş stated that the increasing urban transformation projects have to be tightly controlled in recent years.turkey-adana-city-transformation

Mustafa Fidan Vursavuş stated that the measures should be taken from the base, saying that the urban transformation needs to be done and the rant value high-point urban transformation could lead to great troubles in the future. Mr. Vursavuş emphasized that the national wealth will be slaughtered in this way, and said: “Especially in the urban transformation projects, we are making transformations by finding the high points of rant value and defeating the national wealth with this method while there are places that need to be transformed first. We will put our projects like mushrooms everywhere in the city and eventually we will lose our cities, contractors who are trying to make our nurses and businesses work properly for many years, and we want urban transformation to be an urban catastrophe. ”


Referring to the unfair competition in the construction sector, Vursavuş said, “Consider that there is no urban transformation project or you are plotting a project with an empty space.” While 20 apartments can be built in total, 2 + 1 in the framework of existing laws and regulations without your project, And it is possible to make 30 flats as 2 + 1, provided that you adhere to the rules and regulations. “He said,” It will not be a table, but it is the last point we have come to see. ”


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