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 Home    Award To Ozyurtlar Holding For Being The Best Company

Ozyurtlar Holding was nominated as the ‘Best Company’ at ‘The Bests of the Sector’ annual award ceremony held by İstanbul Development University.

In the 4th of annual award ceremony called ‘The Bests of the Sector ‘organized by the students of Istanbul Development University, ‘Ozyurtlar Holding’ got the ‘Best Company’ award this year.


The important names of business world came together in this ceremony where the bests among 30 sectors were to be selected by the rankings of students of Istanbul Development University. The famous brands were awarded in this organization which was held at Fine Arts Conference Hall of the Istanbul Development University by voting of students of İstanbul Development University. The chairman of the board of directors, Tamer Ozyurt, was invited to the stage to get his award. He thanked all the academics and students of Istanbul Development Universıty for this prize. Ozyurt talked about the secret of his success to the college students with these words:

‘In days of yore, there was a word used by people, which was ‘persistence’. The meaning of persistence is to cope with difficulties we face, to work hard and to be patient. However, nowadays people are looking for easy ways to reach their goals without any difficulties and without any struggle to face. Unfortunately, it never brings success and it always brings you the failure. There are a lot of people asking me ‘What is the secret of your success and how did you get it?’ I always answer them that the trick is to be honest.

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