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Istanbul Ataturk is one of the leading districts in the Anatolian side of the housing market in terms of the tendency to revaluation continues. In the last four years, the trend of appreciation in the last four years has approached 100 percent, with branded residential projects, shopping centers and green space capacity getting attention. Real Estate Index According to the figures of October 2017, another factor that has a positive effect on the tendency in the Ataşehir region was the Istanbul Financial Center Project.


The prices in Ataşehir’s neighborhoods increased

The increase in housing prices in Ataşehir concentrated especially on certain regions. The highest increase tendency in Ataşehir, which has 17 neighborhoods according to the statistics of the Turkish Statistical Institute and has a population of half a million, has been determined in Kayışdağı, İnönü and İçerenköy neighborhoods within the period of 4 years. In the last four years, housing prices were valued at 91.1 percent in Kayışdağı and 81.4 percent in Inönü District. In the Icerenköy district, the increase in the last four years was 56.9 percent.

Along with the increase experienced in this period, the average price in the neighborhoods where the house prices reached the highest level in Ataşehir was determined as follows:

– İnönü Neighborhood: average housing price is 412.000 TL
– İçerenköy Neighborhood: Average housing price is 489.519 TL
– Kayışdağı Neighborhood: Average housing prices are 309.345 TL

Increase in Ataşehir Neighborhood and rental fee

Esatpaşa, Fatah and İçerenköy came to the fore in a neighborhood where the rent of the other side increased in the period of 4 years. According to the published results, the neighborhood with the highest average rented housing in the district was İçerenköy. The average rental housing price in Içerenköy was determined as 1,653 TL while rents in Fatih district reached 1,528 TL. Esatpaşa was another neighborhood that got attention in terms of the prices of houses for rent in Ataşehir. In Esatpaşa, average rents reached the level of 1,357 TL.

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