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 Home    Artvin Dams Contribute To Turkish Economy

The Energy production is very high that newly created dam and hydroelectrical power plants within the range of Çoruh Basin, the project generated billions of Turkish Liras ( 5 billion 182 million TL ) to the country’s economy. The benefaction from the power generation is so large and it is getting bigger as well by continuing of adding new power plants around.

22 billion 540 kilowatt energy producing

The Çoruh Basin Project is so huge, the hydroelectrical power plants and the dam is opened by Turkish General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works by abbreviation DSİ, dam and power production units settled on Çoruh River which provides 5 billion 182 million Turkish Liras by generating 22 billion 540 million kilowatt-hours electrical energy. These numbers show that the dams have great importance in country’s developing economy in creating self-energy.

Great income

The Governor of Artvin province Ömer Doğanay, stated that the Muratlı Dam, Borçka Dam, Deriner Dam, Artvin Dam and their energy-producing units that set on the highest streaming river of Turkey, (Çoruh River) contributes Turkish Economy by providing millions of Turkish Liras. Doğanay denoted that the project is one of the great engineering miracle of the World which actually awarded by Mimar Sinan Olympic Projects Final and Turkish World Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism Conference took place in the year of 2012.

The Contribution is over  2 billion TL

The Governor stated that the Borçka Dam has great affordance of creating 300 megawatts and the energy generated from the power units is about 1 billion 39 million kilowatt-hours. By doing that national economy is contributed with 2 billion 90 million Turkish Liras

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