Home    Are The Turks Staying At Their Own Homes Or Rent A House?

The biggest dream of the residents is to be a host. Especially after the increase of the housing loan facilities, the number of the purchase houses started to increase more. According to a survey conducted, 60.4% of Turks live in rent, how is this rate according to the average world average?

60.4% of homeowners individuals in Turkey

According to his analysis of a company that analyzes the economic data of the countries that host sit at home and 60.4% of individuals in Turkey. However, this rate is behind the world average. The construction sector, one of the locomotive sectors of our economy, has experienced a significant growth over the last 10 years. In this period, interest rates on housing loans have also dropped considerably in some periods. In fact, purchasing a house up to the last year was seen as a serious investment tool. However, the increased prices made it a little hard for the tenants to be homeowners.

According to the estimates of the Turkstat in 2023, the urbanized population is expected to reach 71 million people. Therefore, the need for marriage will increase. I think interest rates on housing loans are falling and if you give up making luxury homes and large sites, you will increase the number of people who want to be a host.

Homeownership rates

The country with the greatest number of homeowners on Earth is Mauritius, the island country of Africa with 99%. This country is followed by Romania with 96% and Singapore with 90%. In European Union countries this rate is 69%. In Switzerland, the hostage rate is very low at 42%.

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