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 Home    Arabian Investors Has Raised The Residence Prices in Trabzon

The Arabian investors who would like to have a residence in Trabzon enlivened the real estate market. They are mainly preferring the east side of the city. Kaşüstü, Şana and Yalıncak villages are the most preferred fields by Arabian investors, almost 80% of them are preferring these villages of Trabzon. According to the official records, 79 persons from Saudi Arabia bought nearly 14 metersquare real estate within the last 3 years. Other big contributions to sales of residences were coming from people from Kuwait, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Proper purchases continue

In 2018 between January and March, 9 foreign people has bought some fields and real estate in Ordu. In accordance to this, 5 Saudi Arabian people had a 227 metersquare area and 4 residences. 2 people from Yemen had 33 metersquare area while 1 person from England had 101 metersquare area. 1 person from Iraq bought 21 metersquare area and residences.

It made things difficult for local investors

Since the Arabian people enlivened the real estate market and has raised the prices of the market, the local investors had some troubles. Nowadays, a brand new residence in Trabzon has more than 300 tausand Lira of sales price and this price goes up to 1 milion Liras. Thus, the local investors had difficulties to find a buyer. The prices are too high for local people and investors are trying to find suitable solutions to offer reasonable prices for residences and proper fields.

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