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Altin Emlak established in 1998 by Nuri Ozelmacikli. Altın Emlak has a strong legacy and wants to give their experience. Because of that, Altın Emlak made his second meeting which makes at periodic intervals in İstanbul. Altın Emlak has 107 dealers in Turkey’s 24 cities. All of made by local capital which has strong infrastructue and the establishment who takes MEB sertification to educate other companies. Altın Emlak’s General Manager Mustafa Hakan Ozelmacikli told that ‘ our representatives take the strong and special education if they get in our distribution. Because in this sector, all our representaives must know marketing, law , taxing,communication and all process. They resposible to know whole process in this sector.

We are the fastest growing estate company in Turkey’

We are the fastest growing estate company in Turkey and this goal goes out of the Turkey. ‘After Saudi Arabia distributer, we are researching for United Arap Emirates, Qatar and Iran market. We also aim to improve our relations with foreigners’ estates in Turkey.’ told that General Maneger Mustafa Hakan OZELMACIKLI.

We are at Antalya Expo Euroasia in 18-21 May’

Entrepreneural candidates who want to create own job, they can meet with ALTIN EMLAK’s General Maneger Mustafa Hakan OZELMACIKLI in Antalya Expo Euroasia. ‘We are taking a lot of demands from all around Turkey. For example: fistly Antalya, Konya, Mersin, Muğla and Aydın. In Antalya Expo Euroasia, we are meeting with our guests, specially. ‘ told that ALTIN EMLAK’s General Manager Mustafa Hakan OZELMACIKLI.

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