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A New Era Starts In Contractıng

INSTES President Celal Kologlu pointed out that at the beginning of the issues affecting the sector negatively in the last year the price difference came, he pointed out that this problem should be resolved. Koloğlu “Tenders are making calculations on the basis of tender offers. However, due to the price increases that can not be foreseen for the contractor on the tender, the contractors are harmed. The price difference in the tender documents should be ‘an essential condition of the contracts “. Criticisms about the contracting profession, such as “Everyone can be a contractor”, “The number of contractors has reached ten times that of all Europe”, is complicated. A new era in contracting starts. The criteria of the contracting profession will be determined.

Turkey Construction Industry Employers’ Association (Association) President Celal Koloğlu, the Turkish Standards Institute to determine the criteria of the contracting profession (TSA) said they started working.

“A new era in the sector will begin with the protocol and the strengths of the İTES and TSE vocational experience will come together to determine the criteria for the contracting profession. As INTES, we will have a working group of competent people. This working group will determine the qualification criteria of construction contracting enterprises. The certification process will begin with the publication of the criteria. This certification process will of course be subject to strict audits. Transparent, reliable, neutral system will come to life with the assurance of TSE in the contracting sector. I firmly believe that this work carried out by İNTES and TSE will be a beneficial service to my country, especially the stakeholders of the construction sector. ”

Koloğlu emphasized that the firms that make the job in the sector deservedly work and the criteria of the profession of the way to distinguish it from the others is to be determined and said that the absence of a limitation in the entrance has caused the existence of the contractors who did not perform according to the conditions required by the business. the important actors of life that build their living space, “he said,” the criteria of the sector entry of this profession group directly linked to human life must be determined. ”


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