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 Home    A Great Break At The New Mosque ! Has Not Decayed For 354 Years

The restoration of the 354-year-old New Mosque, the symbol of Istanbul, continues at full speed. The mosque, the architects and the experts who are covered with hair for the security of the citizens are carrying out the restoration work while the citizens are worshiping in the section which is specially prepared from one side. Istanbul Vakiflar 1 Regional Directorate of Mursel Sari restoration work was told.



Mursel Sari Said, “We removed the lead cover on the main dome. It was all done. It is a pleasing situation that no cracks have emerged. And we did georadarla scans on the ground. There is water in a part of the glass. Ecdat statue on the wooden pole posts. Despite the long ten years that passed, it was determined that there was no decay in the wooden poles. This is very pleasing news for us, “he said.

New Mosque is located in a very central location of Istanbul. It is one of the only works that gives silhouette to Istanbul. It is rare to come to Istanbul and visit the New Mosque. It has been the subject of many films. We started restoration in April of 2016. We have 800 days in total. This corresponds approximately to June of 2018.

It is a bit difficult to stay faithful to ancient times. It is highly probable that the conditions you did not expect during the restoration will come out. When such situations arise, both expenditures may increase in a monetary sense and new projecting may be required.

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